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Diamond Harbour: AN elderly man has been murdered by his inebriated son at Basanti in South 24-Parganas district.

The murder took place last night at Basanti’s Manaskhali village and the victim father has been identified as Khagen Sardar. His killer son Rajkumar Sardar has been arrested by police.

Neighbours said that Rajkumar, who is the second among three sons of Khagen, is an alcoholic and used to return home inebriated every night. His father used to protest this leading to a tiff between them almost regularly.

On Thursday night too, Rajkumar came home drunk and began to create nuisance in the house. Peeved at this, Khagen warned that he will seek the help of the local club to put Rajkumar in his place.

This turned inebriated Rajkumar angry and he soon started smashing whatever household items he could lay his hands on. Khagen tried to stop him and during this Rajkumar hit him in the head with a gas oven. Khagen died on the spot.

Following this, other family members overpowered him and alerted the police. A team from Basanti police station arrived soon and arrested the drunken son for killing his father.