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Featured Image: Sourav Ganguly with wife and daughter in file photo from his Facebook. 

Kolkata: FORMER cricketer Sourav Ganguly and wife Dona have lodged a complaint with the city police over fake Facebook accounts being run with the photographs and name of their minor daughter Sana Ganguly.

As of today, there are as many as eight Facebook profiles that have been created using Sana’s photographs and name, making them appear as genuine. The celebrity couple has, however, told police that their 16-year-old daughter does not have a Facebook account yet.

They have lodged a written complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell at Lalbazar and police said that they are trying to track the IP addresses from which the fake Facebook accounts are being administered. Anyone caught in the act stand the risk of getting prosecuted for impersonation and under provisions of the Information Technology Act.

Facebook has a provision wherein people can report them about fake accounts and upon cross-check, they will block such profiles for good. But in case of multiple fake accounts in a single name, the process gets cumbersome. Also, the person complaining may face difficulty in future in opening a genuine Facebook profile.