One of the elephants killed by the train.
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Midnapore: Wild elephants have once again been mowed dead by a speeding train in Bengal. Instead of the notorious killing tracks of north Bengal, the incident this time has, however, taken place in south Bengal.

Jnaneshwari Express that runs between Howrah and Mumbai has mowed dead as many as three wild elephants at a spot in Jhargram district. This happened around 2.30 am today between Gidhni and Kanimahuli railway stations on the Jhargram – Tatanagar route.

A herd of wild elephants from the adjacent Dalma forest was crossing over from one side of the railway line to the other when the speeding train hit them. The train was at such a high speed that it dragged the elephants for about 500 metres before the emergency brake could bring the train to a halt.

Two adult elephants and a calf were flung by the railway track and died on the spot. As a result of the mishap, some 300 metres overhead railway power cable snapped rendering the Kharagpur-Tata Up line out of operation.

Subsequently, a railway tower van reached the spot with some 100 workers to repair the overhead cables. The railways informed the state forest department to remove the carcass of the dead elephants.