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Featured Image: Needles removed by SSKM surgeons (left) and an x-ray image of the child before the operation. 

By A Newsman

Kolkata, 18 July: DOCTORS at SSKM Hospital in the city today removed as many as seven stitching needles from the body of a girl child hailing from Purulia.

The needles, normally used to stitch jute sacks, were removed by a team of doctors who performed an over two-hour surgery on the child from 10.30 am today. The team included five surgeons and two anesthetists.

The made a six-inch vertical opening on the three-and-a-half year old girl right from below her chest and removed the needles one by one. Three needles were found in her liver, two in the intestines, one in the ovary, and one in her vagina.

Doctors said that the child some of the needles had developed corrosion but thankfully, has not caused any deep wounds or infection in the child. They said that the surgery went well and the child has kept under observation in the paediatric intensive care unit for the next 72-hours.

The girl’s mother, who worked as a full-time domestic help in the house of one Sanatan Goswami (62) at Nadiara village in Purulia, had brought her to Purulia District Hospital on 11 July saying that the girl was keeping unwell for the past few days.

A close examination revealed that the child had multiple injury marks on her body. This made the doctor perform an x-ray on her, leading to the startling revelation that there were as many seven needles in the girl’s body. Her mother later told the Purulia Childline officials that Goswami, who was a shaman, had pierced the needles into the child with the aim to bring good fortune to her.

The child was subsequently referred to SSKM Hospital as removal of the needles needed an advance surgery and precision. Meanwhile, the accused shaman is still at large.