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By A Newsman

Kolkata, 05 January: THE manager of a Taj Group hotel in Bangalore has been found dead in mysterious circumstances near the closed Jessop factory in Dum Dum on the northern fringes of Kolkata.

Debabrata Singh (45), a resident of Ramkrishna Palli at ward number 20 in Dum Dum, and employed with a Taj Group hotel in Bangalore, had recently come home on a vacation.

He was found dead in his white sedan in front of Jessop factory’s gate number 9 late yesterday night. The body was found with blood stains in the rear seat of the car and the car’s right rear window was damaged partially.

Debabrata’s family got to know of his death from the driver of the car Rajkumar Singh, but there is no clarity as to what led to the death of Debabrata. His family has lodged a FIR with police alleging that he has been murdered and the police have now arrested the driver after finding discrepancies in his statement.

Harinder Singh, the brother-in-law of deceased Debabrata, said that he has been shot dead. “I saw bullet marks on the car window, but for some unknown reason, police are not confirming the cause of his death,” he said.