The woman at the nursing home and (inset) the spider that bit her.
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Kolkata: Tarantula spiders, cause for a scare in several south Bengal districts for the past few months, is now suspected to have crawled into Kolkata!

This after a homemaker at Garia in south Kolkata was bitten by an eight-legged hairy spider at her home today morning. The homemaker, Putul Pailan (32), is now admitted to a nursing home at Garia Hindustan More.

According to her husband, Bhaskar Pailan, Putul was picking up flowers from a basket in their prayer room this morning when the black hairy spider bit the middle finger of her right hand. Hearing her screams, family members rushed to find that the spider was clinging onto her finer despite her desperately trying to shake it off.

“The spider will no way leave her finger. Finally, it had to be pulled off from her hand with force. Soon after this, she started complaining about severe burning sensation and acute pain. Scared by this we rushed her to the nursing home,” Pailan says.

Physician Shyamal Bera, who tended on the homemaker, says that her blood pressure was falling fast and she was betraying the symptoms of acute allergy. “Hence, I administered her two back to back injections. She is stable now,” he says.

At Bera’s advice, the family brought the spider, which they had killed, to the nursing home. “To me, it appears to be a tarantula but entomologist will be able to verify this. Had the woman not brought to treatment fast, the bite could have proved fatal,” he says.