The threat poster.
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Midnapore: Threat posters have surfaced at different locations in East Midnapore district calling for the severing of the head of Trinamool Tamluk MP, Dibyendu Adhikari.

The posters, scribbled in Maoist-style with Alta (red dye), were spotted by people today morning at Haldia and Tamluk towns in the district. The posters have attribution to Yuva Morcha, the youth wing of the BJP.

“Want the head of Dibyendu Adhikari, the mastermind of the attack on BJP state president Dilip Ghosh at Kanthi,” the handwritten Bengali posters read, with Yuva Morcha mentioned at the bottom.

This is even as Yuva Morcha district president, Arup Das, has denied that the organisation was behind the posters. “We never scribble posters with Alta. This is a ploy to frame BJP cadres.”

Photographs of the posters have spread all over East Midnapore over WhatsApp and Facebook.

Such threat posters were common in the Maoist-infested Junglemahal areas of Bengal till 2012. They usually came as a precursor to the annihilation of a government official or a political rival to the Maoists. East Midnapore borders the Junglemahal.

Trinamool MP, Adhikari, has lodged a complaint with the police over the posters. “BJP is treading the path of violence. Police will act as per law,” said the MP, whose elder brother Suvendu Adhikari is Bengal’s transport minister and father Sisir Adhikari is a Trinamool MP.

On 17 September, as many as 10 BJP cadres were injured and the BJP state president Dilip Ghosh’s car was vandalised following a Trinamool attack at Kanthi in East Midnapore. Ghosh had blamed Dibyendu Adhikari for the attack.