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Behrampore: Police in Murshidabad district have at last registered an FIR over the mystery death of journalist Bhaskar Ghosh.

Salar police station today registered the FIR under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, which pertains to murder. No accused has been named in the FIR.

The move comes three days since Ghosh (34), stinger with a Bengali daily, was found hanging in a forested area at Nabagram.

The FIR has been registered on the basis of a complaint by Ghosh’s widow Ipshita Ghosh alleging that her husband has been murdered because he wrote a news report critical of a powerful political party and its local leader at Salar.

Preliminary probe has discovered several suspicious aspect as regards the journalist’s death.

Like, Ghosh was found hanging from a tree on 13 April night with shoes on whereas climbing up a tree wearing shoes is very difficult. Secondly, even after hanging, his camera bag was slinging from his shoulder. Anyone who is committing suicide is unlikely to have anything on his / her shoulder, his family has pointed out.