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Kolkata: The police have today 2 August retrieved the decomposed dead body of two elderly brothers and their critically ill elderly sister from their flat at Khidderpore in south-west Kolkata. The sister subsequently died in a city hospital.

Preliminary post-mortem report suggests that the three died of inhaling carbon monoxide gas.

The deceased have been identified as Triloki Prasad Gupta (59), Bhola Prasad Gupta (56) and Santi Gupta (53).

Triloki was an employee in the state public works department, Bhola was a milkman, and their sister used to manage the household.

A few years ago they had sold off their house at Kidderpore’s Karl Marx Sarani to a promoter. He built a multi-storied building on the plot and gave them a ground floor flat in return.

The three siblings used to live in the flat as none of them were married.

According to the neighbours, since yesterday, they were getting troubled by a foul smell in the locality. As the stench became unbearable today morning, the neighbours started looking for its source and their search ended at the door of Gupta household.

With no response coming out despite repeated knocks, they informed the South Port police station.

A police team came and broke open the door of the flat only to find the partially decomposed dead body of the two brothers on two separate cots. Their sister Santi was lying unconscious in a critical state on a third cot.

Police at once rushed Santi to SSKM Hospital, where she breathed her last a little after arrival. During the preliminary probe, police found ashes of mosquito coils in the flat and a generator set.

The neighbours have told police that power supply to a portion of the building was disconnected since 29 July following short-circuit in the metre box.

The generator set was probably hired by the Gupta brother due to this.

The preliminary report of the post-mortem suggests that the two brothers died at least 40 hours ago and their sister fell ill around that time only. All the three siblings have died of inhaling carbon monoxide.

The police suspect the deadly gas was partly generated by the mosquito coils and partly by the emission from the generator set. The gas proved fatal for them as the room in which they were asleep hardly has a ventilator.

The investigators, however, said that before arriving at a conclusion as to the cause of death, they will wait for the final post-mortem report.