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Siliguri: The Bengali Safari Park in Siliguri has been blessed with the birth of three Royal Bengal Tiger cubs.

The cubs have been born to Shila and Snehasish ~ the two adult Royal Bengal Tigers who were brought to the Safari Park on 30 December 2016. They have since found a place inside a 28-acre forested enclosure inside the sprawling park.

According to Arun Mukherjee, the director of Bengali Safari Park, Shila gave birth to the three cubs four days ago on 16 May. Both the mother and the new-born are doing fine but it will take at least two weeks for the cubs to open their eyes.

Mukherjee said that for now Shila and the cubs have been kept under surveillance in a zone earmarked insider the tiger enclosure. Her partner Snehasish is not being allowed in the area. The director also said that the cubs will be brought to the sight of the visitors only when they turn six months old.

Ever since the two big cats were brought to the Safari Park, they have been a huge draw for local visitors and tourists alike. The birth of the three cubs has added to the attraction.