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Kolkata: Two trains averted a head-on collision in Kolkata last night after mismanagement in the control room made them running on the same track.

The incident happened near Patipukur railway station in north Kolkata involving the 53139 Kolkata-Jasidih Passenger and 12364 Haldibari-Kolkata Intercity Express.

Jasidih Passenger had left Kolkata (Chitpur) station at its scheduled time 10.25 pm. But just as it was approaching Patipukur, the driver noticed that a Kolkata-station bound train was already waiting for the signal on the same track. This made the driver apply emergency brake and avert hitting the train in the nick of time.

Subsequently, it was discovered that the train approaching from the opposite direction was Kolkata-bound Haldibari Intercity Express. The train’s scheduled arrival was 7.40 pm but it was running late by about three hours. After crossing Dum Dum station, the express train was waiting for the signal to move towards Kolkata station.

The two trains remained stranded facing each other for about 35 minutes. Later, the Jasidih Passenger was hauled back to Kolkata station loop line and made to depart at 11.22 pm through another track. Haldibari Intercity Express, on the other hand, entered Kolkata station at 11.30 pm.

Easter Railway chief spokesperson RN Mahapatra said that the station manager of Kolkata station has been served with a show-cause notice over the incident. At the same time, an internal probe has been ordered.