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Kolkata/Barasat: Trinamool has suspended its MLA Subhrangshu Roy from the party for “indulging in anti-party activities.”

Subhrangshu is the son of Mukul Roy, who had defected from Trinamool to the BJP in 2017 and has now proved to be the main architect behind BJP winning 18 seats in Bengal in the just-concluded Lok Sabha polls.

“Subhrangshu, our young MLA and the son of Mukul Roy, has been indulging in anti-party activities for a while. He is praising another party in the public and maligning his own party.”

“Hence, with the approval of Mamata Banerjee, the disciplinary committee of our party has suspended him for six years.” Trinamool secretary-general Partha Chatterjee told a news conference today 24 May afternoon.

The move comes a few hours after Subhrangshu addressed a news conference at Bijpur in North 24-Parganas, a constituency that he represents in the state Assembly as Trinamool MLA.

At the news conference, he indirectly hit out at none less than Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee for allegedly referring to him as the “son of a traitor” and at other senior Trinamool leaders for demeaning his father.

“I used to view Mamata Banerjee like a loving mother. But before the vote, even she referred to me as the son of a traitor. This was very painful and yet I continued working for the party in the elections,” Subhrangshu said.

Lamenting that “despite an earnest effort” he could not give Trinamool a lead in Bijpur, Subhrangshu said that he has lost to his father.

He then said: “I am proud of my father. There are several leaders who had said that they can create lakhs of Mukul Roy. The fact is that one Mukul Roy who had built Trinamool brick by brick has now devastated it in all across Bengal.”

“My father was mocked as Kanchrapara’s kanchra chele (garbage boy). But with his Chanakya-like mind, he has now shown what he can do!”

On whether he will leave the party and join the BJP, Subhrangshu’s reply was: “I am not leaving the party. But does the party have faith in me? I am confused.”

Asked to comment on Subhrangshu’s suspension from Trinamool and whether BJP will induct him in the party, Mukul Roy said later in the afternoon that it will depend on the state BJP leaders.