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Barasat: A clash between two factions of Trinamool over the allocation of contracts for development projects in North Dum Dum Municipality turned Birati in North 24-Parganas into a battlefield today.

The nearly day-long clash in phases gave common people a tough time as one of the warring Trinamool factions blocked the road and also the Birati railway station during the busy hours of the day.

The warring factions threw brickbats at police, damaged some police vehicles, and hurled abuses at Trinamool Dum Dum Lok Sabha MP Saugata Roy when he went there to ensure peace.

Trouble started today morning after a group of contractors owing allegiance to North Dum Dum Municipality chairman Kalyan Kar heckled vice-chairman Sheikh Najum Uddin. This happened in the civic body office itself.

This after the vice-chairman had summoned the contractors who were allegedly being awarded all the contracts while depriving his followers. Also despite contracts being awarded to them, the contractors belonging to Kar’s coterie were allegedly sitting on development projects in Najum Uddin’s area.

As soon the news of Najum Uddin being heckled spread, his follower Trinamool workers turned up at the civic body office and got into a commotion with the rival Trinamool faction many of whom are contractors.

With the situation escalating, a police team rushed to the spot but were met with brickbats and attack on police vehicles. This made the police to resort to a lathi-charge to disperse the violent crowd.

Peeved at this and demanding that the contractors who heckled the vice-chairman should be arrested, his Trinamool faction blocked the road at Birati Banik More leading to a huge traffic snarl. They then put up a blockade at Birati railway station as well.

The commotion made MP Saugata Roy turn up at Birati so as to dissuade the warring Trinamool factions. He, however, was met with verbal abuses and his car was stopped. Angry over this, Roy made a retreat and reported the matter to Trinamool Panihati MLA Nirmal Ghosh and North 24-Parganas Trinamool president Jyotipriyo Mullick Roy.

Roy then went to the Nimta police station, accompanying vice-chairman Najum Uddin who lodged an FIR against the contractors who heckled him. Police soon arrested two of the accused.

Roy then took up a mike and told the agitating Trinamool workers that none of the accused will be spread by police. He also claimed that the accused had no links to the chairman. The assurance made the agitators finally call it a day around 3.30 pm.