Jalpaiguri District Court.
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Siliguri: Trinamool has suffered a major defeat to the united Opposition in the Jalpaiguri Bar Association election.

In the election held today, the Progressive Lawyers Forum has defeated the Trinamool affiliated lawyers union by 17-6 seats. Jalpaiguri Bar Association has 23 portfolios. More significantly, among the 17 winners in the Opposition camp, there are seven who are members of BJP.

Trinamool women wing leader and advocate Shanta Chatterjee, who had won the Bar Association through the last 11 consecutive years, was left stunned by the results today.

“I have been winning when our party hardly had any strength in the state politics but now in this heyday, I and others of our camp have faced this historical defeat. We shall have to analyse what has gone wrong,” she said.

Jalpaiguri Bar Association has 518 lawyer members. Of them, 483 had cast their votes today.