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Image: A video grab shows a woman candidate being pulled by the hair near Arambagh SDO office on Saturday. 

Hooghly: A gang of men, allegedly belonging to the Trinamool, today publicly bashed up three women Panchayat poll candidates of the Forward Bloc and threatened them rape in Hooghly district.

They also smeared black ink on the face of Biswanath Karak, former Forward Bloc MLA from Goghat constituency, and snatched his handbag with important documents.

The incident took place near the Arambagh SDO office, where Karak had gone with five-party women candidates to help them file nomination papers for the polls as they could not do so at the BDO office fearing attacks by Trinamool-backed miscreants.

After filing the nominations, the women candidates and the former MLA had just taken a few steps out the SDO office that some men surrounded them. They first smeared black ink on Karak’s face and assaulted him.

Next, the gang turned towards two of the women who were pulled by the hair and slapped. One of the men thrashed the women to the ground and served several blows. While carrying out the assault, the men loudly threatened that the women will be raped if they do not withdraw their nomination papers.

As the public assault was on with media persons recording its video, a police team stepped in and chased away the assaulters by yielding lathis. None of them, however, was nabbed. While fleeing, one of the assaulters took away Karak’s handbag that had his voter ID card, Aadhar, ATM card, etc.

Karak told reporters that the attack was carried out by Trinamool cadres. He later lodged an FIR at Arambagh police station over the incident.

Visuals of the incident, which has spread via Facebook and WhatsApp, have left people stunned at the broad day assault on women political workers in a state where a woman in the Chief Minister.