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Siliguri: Relatives of a Trinamool MLA resorted to vandalism and assaulted nurses at the Raiganj Government Medical College and Hospital in North Dinajpur over the death of a family member.

This happened today 26 August morning and the police had to step in to bring the situation under control.

Manodeb Sinha is the Trinamool MLA from Karandighi in North Dinajpur. Last night, a relative of him named Lipika Sinha was brought to the Raiganj Medical College with acute chest pain.

At the advice of the on-duty doctor, a nurse administered Lipika an injection. However, instead of recuperating, the woman breathed her last today morning.

Soon after this, alleging that she has died due to the administering of a wrong injection, the patient party first threatened the nurses of getting them suspended. Eventually, they resorted to vandalism in the ward and launched an assault on two nurses.

One of the nurses was pulled up by the hair; the uniform of the other was torn. On hearing the commotion, nurses and ward boys from other wards rushed in and rescued the two colleagues.

As the patient party continued with the rampage, a team from Raiganj police station arrived and brought the situation under control.

Biplab Sinha, a relative of the Trinamool MLA and the brother of the deceased woman, alleged that it is because of administering a wrong injection that his sister has died.

“We were only asking the nurses the name of the injection but they declined. We neither assault them nor did we do any vandalism in the hospital,” he maintained.