Subrata Bakshi in file photo.
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Cooch Behar: Trinamool state president Subrata Bakshi today 24 June had to call off his political programme and returned from midway after people blocked road and waved black flags to him in Cooch Behar district.

This happened at Sitalkuchi area where Bakshi and Trinamool district president Binaykrishna Burman had gone to hold a meeting with members of the Trinamool-run Gram Panchayat.

This was to put a check on defection to BJP and curb the continuing political clashes with the BJP in the locality.

However, as his car was about to enter Sitalkuchi town, a sizeable number of people blocked the road. They were holding placards that read “Subrata Bakshi Go Back”, “Down with TMC”, etc. and were shouting anti-Trinamool slogans.

Although there were policemen nearby, sensing trouble, Bakshi and Burman returned from midway, cancelling the proposed meeting.

Bakshi later told journalists that he did so to avoid a breach of peace in the area and alleged that BJP was behind the agitation. But their travails were not over!

Bakshi and Burman then went to Mathabhanga and held a meeting with the local leaders of the party there. Once the meeting got over, Bakshi was getting onto his car that a faction of the Trinamool workers turned violent.

They manhandled the Trinamool youth wing block unit president, Arunava Guha, right in front of Bakshi.

Without trying to intervene, Bakshi hurriedly left the place as the police cleared the way for his car.

In the recent Lok Sabha polls, BJP won the Cooch Behar seat by defeating the Trinamool. Since then, clashes between BJP and Trinamool have become common in different areas of Cooch Behar. Then there is an intra-party rivalry.

To put a lid on factionalism, the party removed minister Rabindranath Ghosh from the post of Trinamool district president but to no avail.