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Kolkata: With the admission racket falling apart following a police overdrive, Trinamool student and youth workers have started getting a taste of the public anger.

A youth Trinamool worker has been taken captive by the families of two students from Sonarpur on the southern fringes of Kolkata for collecting money from them assuring admission in college but failing to deliver on the promise.

Tamal Mondal is a youth Trinamool worker from north Kolkata. He claims that he was the president of the student union at Surendranath College in Sealdah in 2012.

Srijita Kar and Asif Sarkar, two class XII pass-out from Sonarpur went to Surendranath College a few days ago to submit application forms for admission to undergraduate courses. They want to study commerce with accountancy honours.

The two came across the youth Trinamool worker in front of Surendranath College and he assured them admission in the honours course at South City College in lieu of Rs 40,000 bribe.

“After bargaining, we paid him Rs 36,000. He also collected our original mark-sheets. But with the admission process in the colleges nearly over, he has failed to ensure our admission in any college. He was avoiding us for the last few days,” says Srijita.

Thus, yesterday evening Mondal was called to Sealdah by the students on the pretext of a discussion. As soon as he arrived at the designated spot, the family members of the two students whisked him into a car and brought him to Sonarpur forcibly. They have said that till Mondal refunds the Rs 36,000, they will not set him free.

Mondal has on record confessed to having taken money from the students for admission but says that the Trinamool Chhatra Parishad leaders who were part of his racket have now backtracked on the face of the police overdrive.

He has offered Rs 15,500 refund and some gold ornaments to the two students. But the families of the students are adamant that they will not free the Trinamool youth worker until and unless he makes the full refund.