Tutu Bose.
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Kolkata: The stern criticisms by eminent personalities in the city and by the people on social media have made Mohun Bagan president and tycoon Swapan Sadhan Bose, alias Tutu Bose, to withdraw his yesterday’s sexist remarks and offer an apology.

Mohun Bagan was playing Calcutta Customs yesterday in a group match of the Calcutta Football League and had taken 2:0 lead before halftime.

Overjoyed by this, Bose told a journalist on live TV broadcast that “Daughters were being born for the last seven years, now suddenly a son has been born. How would you feel like if that was the case with you? I have the same feeling.”

In no time the video clip of his sexist remarks spread over the social media and people started condemning his misogyny. Several people were demanding a public apology from Bose, while others even demanded his resignation from Mohun Bagan. Some eminent personalities of Kolkata also condemned Bose’s comments.

Under pressure of the criticisms, the tycoon today issued a Press statement offering an apology.

“I got carried away by the ecstasy of winning the League after a long span of eight years. Overwhelmed by this I made some remarks at halftime, which were not planned at all. I had no intention to hurt anyone on a joyous day like this. My comments have hurt the people who are dear to me. I am sorry. I apologize,” Bose has written.

Adding further, the former Trinamool MP has said: “I am myself repenting over the remarks that I made at the emotional juncture. I have daughters-in-law and granddaughter. I know the value of a girl child. I subscribe to the belief that whether it is a son or a daughter, all are intimate to us. I withdraw my comments and repeat that I didn’t intend to hurt anyone. It was a slip.”