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By A Newsman

Siliguri, 07 September: CELEBRATING Teachers’ Day in a little different way has proved costly for seven class XI students of Sunkanta High School in Alipurduar!

The school authorities today rusticated them forever following a decision taken by the teachers and the governing body. Among the seven students who have been rusticated, two are girls. All of them are residents of in and around Alipurduar town.

On 05 September, when all the teachers and students of the school were enmeshed in Teachers’ Day celebrations, these seven students went up on the terrace of the bi-storied school building and drank alcohol that they had smuggled in.

But just as they were busy getting drunk, a few other students got a whiff of this and alerted the teachers. Some teachers soon climbed up to the terrace and found empty liquor bottles and some alcohol spilled over the terrace. The accused students had by then recomposed themselves and denied having to do anything with the liquor bottles.

Yet based on the statement of other students who had seen them drinking alcohol, the teachers held them guilty for breaking discipline but refrained from taking immediate action as the teacher-in-charge of the school Pradip Kr Roy was absent on that.

Today morning a group residents of ward number 03 in Alipurduar where the school is located went to the school and demanded to know what action had been taken against the accused students. Following this, the teachers and the school’s governing body held a meeting and decided to rusticate the seven accused.

“The seven students have been rusticated for the gross indiscipline which has tarnished the image of the school. The step would send out a strong message to other students,” said school governing body president Bijan Sarkar.