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Kalyani: TWO girls appearing in the on-going school final (Madhyamik) examination were crushed to death after a civic volunteer pulled back a moving scooter in which they were heading to the exam centre.

The civic volunteer did so because none of the girls, who were riding pillion on the scooter of their elder brother, were wearing helmets. His intention was to ensure safety but the overzealous act has cost the lives of the two teenage girls.

The tragic accident took place at Kaliganj in Nadia district today morning. The victims have been identified as Nazima Khatun and Masuda Khatun.

Today morning, the two girls were going to the exam centre riding pillion on the scooter of their elder brother Saidul Sheikh. Near Debgram at Kaliganj, a civic volunteer signalled Saidul to stop as none of the two pillion riders were wearing helmets.

But instead of stopping, Saidul tried to drive away. It was during this that the civic volunteer pulled back the moving scooter, making the two girls fall on the road.

A lorry that was moving behind the scooter, crushed over the heads of the two girls. Saidul also stumbled from the scooter and suffered injuries. Eyewitnesses rushed Saidul to the Debgram Rural Hospital, where was admitted for treatment.

The death of the girls made the people burst into anger. They blocked the road by placing the dead bodies on the road. When police reached the spot to remove the dead bodies, people pelted brickbats at them injuring a policeman.

With the brickbats continuing, police resorted to lathi-charge and because successful is dispersing the crowd. The bodies were then retrieved. Meanwhile, the civic volunteer concerned has been detained.