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Midnapore: TWO schoolboys died in a case of hit and run involving a state fire services department vehicle at Debra in West Midnapore district today.

The accident took place on National Highway 6 at Debra’s Srirampur village this morning. The victims have been identified as Sneha Manna and Suman Manna, both 10 years old and hailing from Srirampur village.

Several eyewitnesses have claimed that after hitting the two boys, the vehicle slowed down a little and the uniformed men inside peeped out only to check the intensity of the accident.

But despite appealed by the eyewitnesses, the vehicle did not stop to take the two children to the hospital. Had the children been taken to the hospital at once, the two would have survived, they maintained.

The eyewitnesses also claimed that it was a police vehicle and there were three-four unformed men on board. They blocked the highway for a while against the inhuman attitude of the “policemen” who were in the vehicle.

Sources at Debra police station, however, later claimed that the vehicle does not belong to the police. Rather, it was a state fire services department vehicle that hit the children and sped away fearing a public backlash.