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Image: Fresh police force has arrived in Asansol. 

Asansol: WITH communal violence continuing to haunt Raniganj-Asansol areas in West Burdwan district for the third consecutive day today, the district administration has imposed a ban on Internet services in the troubled areas for three days.

The state administration has also advised Governor KN Tripathi to discard his plans to visit the troubled areas saying that the situation is not conducive for his visit to the areas right now. The advice came after Tripathi expressed his desire to go there and meet the policemen hospitalised.

This on a day when the West Burdwan district administration issued an order suspending Internet services till 2 pm of 30 March in six police station areas. They are Asansol North and South, Jamuria, Raniganj, Hirapur, and Kulti. Local cable TV operators have been advised not to telecast news that can incite violence.

The move comes after the administration found out that a lot of rumour mongering is taking place using the WhatsApp and other social media. Trouble makers are using social media outlets to assemble their groups and incite violence.

In fact, fresh violence was reported from Asansol Rail Par area today following a rumour of attacks on houses and shops of a particular community elsewhere in the town. Police swung into action and brought the situation under control but not before some houses were vandalised and torched.

A policeman suffered injuries in the process: he was hit by a brickbat thrown by the trouble makers. The violence made the administration rush in additional posse of police led by four senior IPS officers to Asansol and Raniganj.