Accused Pradeep Chauhan (left) and victim Tapan Mukherjee (right) in a file photo.
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Asansol: A youth from Uttar Pradesh has murdered the father of college girl in Durgapur whom he has been dating. This after the father of the girl, who was a retired teacher, caught them while they were making out.

The incident has taken place at Faridpur village off Durgapur City Centre. The deceased has been identified as Tapan Kumar Mukherjee (65), a retired teacher of Bhiringi TN Institution at Benachity area of Durgapur.

The accused is Pradeep Chauhan (38) and Mukherjee’s daughter, whom he has been dating, is Shibani Mukherjee, a third-year student at Durgapur Women’s College. Police have arrested Chauhan.

In preliminary interrogation, Chauhan has told cops at Durgapur police station that he befriended Shibani on Facebook. The relationship gradually deepened and he started visiting Durgapur all the way from Uttar Pradesh to meet Shibani.

During the initial visits, he and the girl used to make out in the hotel where he lodged.

Subsequently, he started visiting Shibani’s house as her father usually went to bed at 8 in the evening and her mother being a nurse in a Central PSU hospital often used to be on night duty. The only other person at home is Shibani’s maternal grandmother, who is bedridden most of the times.

This time Chauhan came to Durgapur on 24 August and lodged in a hotel at Bhiringi area. Yesterday night, taking advantage of the night duty of Shibani’s mother, he came over to her house and became intimate with Shibani in her bedroom.

Shibani’s father Tapan Mukherjee somehow got a wind of this and caught the two red-handed as they were making out. He turned towards Chauhan in an aggressive manner and threatened that he will call in the neighbours.

A commotion broke out between Chauhan and Mukherjee over this. Hearing this, Shibani’s grandmother also arrived at the scene. In the course of the commotion, Chauhan picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed Mukherjee in front of his daughter and mother-in-law.

As Mukherjee collapsed to the floor, Shibai cried out loud for help. Sensing danger Chauhan escaped to the terrace of the three-storied building. But by then neighbours had gathered around the building hearing Shibani’s cry. They cooped up Chauhan on the terrace and informed the police.

A team from Durgapur police station rushed in and arrested Chauhan. Mukherjee was taken to a local hospital where doctors confirmed his death.

The deceased retired teacher’s wife Sunanda Mukherjee has said that Chauhan had been threatening their family of harm for a while. In fact, due to this, Mukherjee had lodged a complaint with police in October last year and police had detained Chauhan briefly.

Although Sunanda did not reveal as to why Chauhan was threatening the family, police suspect that he had recorded on a mobile phone the intimate moments he spent with Shibani and was blackmailing her with that to continue getting intimate with him.

On being produced in the Durgapur Sub-divisional Court today, Chauhan was remanded in seven days police custody. Police plan to question his and Shibani face-to-face to ascertain the facts that have been revealed so far.