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Featured Image: Prince Ghosh (encircled) and Rajkumar in black jacket next to him.  

By A Newsman

Malda, 22 December: WHO would want a love story to end this way!

Spurned in love, a youth in Malda had killed in 2011 his former girlfriend by sending her a parcel bomb. And he had accomplished this with the help from a friend.

Nearly six years since the dreaded revenge, the Malda district court today sentenced the accused youth and his accomplice to life behind the bars.

Aparna Biswas (30) was a Bengali teacher at Ramkinkar Girls High School in Malda town. Since her native village Jagannathpur was located far away, she had rented a house at Krishna Pally in Malda town and used to live their alone.

In the course of her stay in Malda, Aparna got drawn to Prince Ghosh, a 32-year-old youth from Old Malda, who introduced himself as an engineer. The village girl soon fell in love with Prince only to be wake up from the dreamy romance by the discovery that he was a TV mechanic and not an engineer.

Aparna could not digest the lie and severed the relationship with Prince at once. Peeved at this, he decided to take a revenge on the woman whom he apparently loved.

Prince roped in his friend from Sujapur in Kaliachak, Rajkumar Rishi, who was an expert in making musical greeting cards. Using this technology, the two made a bomb and planted it in the middle of a book by cutting out the pages.

Prince then posted this bomb-book as a gift parcel and dispatched it through a courier service to the address of Aparna’s rented house on 22 April 2011.

The parcel was delivered on 24 April around 10 in the morning and an unsuspecting Aparna removed the wrapper. The moment she lifted the cover of the book that was inside, the bomb went off. The blast was so intense that it created a hole in the roof of the room.

A grievously injured Aparna was rushed to the Malda district hospital where she passed away. Police subsequently arrested Prince and Rajkumar by getting a cue from the courier agency on which they had booked the parcel.

During the past five years, the Malda court examined 32 persons in the case and finally indicted the two accused under Indian Penal Code sections 302 (murder), 201 (Causing disappearance of evidence of offence), 34 (common intention) and section 3 in The Explosive Substances Act.

The additional district judge Asish Deb today handed out life sentence to the two and thus punishing those two guilty of killing a love story.