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Kolkata: Police have arrested the widow and boyfriend of a Trinamool trade union worker in connection with his murder at Sonapur in the southern suburb of Kolkata last week.

Deceased Samir Mistry was a resident of Sonarpur’s Noapara area and a member of the Trinamool affiliated taxi drivers’ union.

On 9 April night, a miscreant forayed into his house and shot him dead from a close range. During the murder, the main door to the Mistry household was kept ajar by his wife Madhumita Mistry.

On investigating the case, cops from Sonarpur police station found out that Madhumita has been into an extra-marital affair with one Chandan, a newspaper vendor at Sonarpur railway station.

Madhumita, who is a staff at Jadavpur University canteen, came in contact with Chandan in the course of catching train from Sonarpur to Jadavpur every morning. Their relationship thickened over the past nearly two years and both of them had filed divorce suits against their respective spouses at Baruipur Sub-divisional Court.

Deceased Samir was dead against the relationship and allegedly used to physically assault Madhumita to force her out of this extra-marital affair. Fed up of this, she and her boyfriend Chandan plotted the murder of Samir.

On 9 April night, Madhumita kept the door to their house ajar. Armed with an improvised pistol, Chandan forayed into the house and shot Samir from a close range. He then fled from the spot and Madhumita at once enacted a drama suggesting that her husband has been assassinated by some unknown miscreants.