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By A Newsman

Kolkata, 18 November: THE division bench of Calcutta High Court might come up with its final order on the petition seeking cancellation of bail of Saradha scam accused and senior Trinamool leader Madan Mitra on Thursday.

The bench consisting Justice Nishita Mhatre and Justice Tapas Mukherjee questioned the haste shown by the Alipore Court in granting bail to Mitra despite his bail being rejected by the High Court on earlier occasion.

As the hearing into the case began on Wednesday morning in a crowded court room, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) told the Court that Mitra has been discharging his duties as a minister of cabinet rank despite being put in the confinement of his house under police surveillance.

While informing the Court, CBI counsel K Raghava Charyulu told the division bench of that being a minister of cabinet rank, Mitra enjoys an influential position. He appealed for cancellation of the minister’s bail because if released on bail he might try to temper with the evidence as the investigation is still going on in the multi-crore scam.

Further, Charyulu also said that since his arrest on 12 December, Mitra has spent most of his time in state-run SSKM hospital. On this the CBI counsel said that since 11 February this year, Mitra has been staying in the SSKM hospital. He argued that the minister has been staying at presidential suit, in the hospital that is reserved for VVIPS like President, Governor, Chief Minister and Chief Justice.

The CBI counsel also wanted to know which medicines were prescribed to Mitra during the period when he claimed to be ill. On this he said that the minister was only prescribed antacid and nasal sprays and no other medicines for his unknown ailments.

Charyulu also told in the Court that that once Mitra was granted bail by the Alipore Court on 31 October, he immediately returned home after being granted fitness certificate by the medical board at SSKM.

Besides, on 03 November when, CBI filed a petition seeking cancellation of bail, Mitra again got himself admitted to Woodlands Hospital. After the vacation bench of the Calcutta High Court ordered for his house confinement under police survelliance on 05 November, he again returned home the same day.

The CBI counsel argued that these series of events would not have been possible without the influence of the minister.

While, arguing against the influential issue raised by the CBI counsel, Mitra’s lawyer S K Kapoor told the Court that his client has already resigned 15 months back. On this, Justice Mhatre asked him that if Mitra had resigned 15 months back then why representing him lawyer Kapil Sibal had told the Court that his client is ready to resign(on 06 August).

Kapoor who was left stunned on the question raised by the Judge said that his client’s resignation was not accepted by the Chief Minister. To this Justice Mhatre again said that it only shows how influential your client is as his resignation is not being accepted.

The hurry shown by Mitra in resigning from his post of minister on Wednesday night might be used as a tool for excuse by his lawyer as he argues seeking bail for the just resigned minister. As the hearing into the case will continue on Thursday, the division bench might come out with its final order on the CBI petition seeking cancellation of bail.