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Featured Image: Namrata Dutta and Ritabrata Banerjee in happier times. Photo posted by Namrata on Twitter. 

By A Newsman

Malda, 9 October: RAJYA Sabha MP Ritabrata Banerjee, whom CPI-M expelled on 15 September for “gross misconduct in personal life and anti-party activities,” has been accused by a woman of having physical relationship with her promising marriage.

Namrata Dutta, a software engineer by profession, made the allegations in a video-graphed Press conference at her native place Balurghat in South Dinajpur district yesterday. She also tweeted the allegations and some of her intimate photographs with the 38-year-old MP.

Banerjee today reacted by posting the copy of a complaint that he claimed to be have lodged against Namrata at Garfa police station in Kolkata for extortion and threat to his life. The complaint mentions 6 October as the date of filing, but does not have acknowledgement seal from the police station.


Interestingly, in the complaint, the MP has not directly refused that the allegations that he has had physical relationship with Namrata. Instead, he says that he met her in May 2016 and was subsequently “induced and allured to meet her material demands till I realised that her demands were boundless.”

Ritabrata has also mentioned that he has paid Namrata Rs 4.75-lakh in two instalments ~ Rs 2.25-lakh on 20 July and Rs 2.50-lakh on 4 October ~ because of her “threat” and “extortionate demands out of fear and helplessness.” He has not clarified what the threat was about and what he feared.

Incidentally, the first instalment that the MP paid to the woman was during the period when CPI-M suspended him for three months and constituted a three-member panel led by politburo member Md Salim to probe the allegations against him.

Ritabrata Complaint Copy

He has also tweeted saying that “efforts on in full swing to malign and finish me politically. The “spin doctors” at work… It’s a politically sponsored plot. Long practise of Spin doctors.”

During her Press conference yesterday, Namrata had said that Banerjee transferred Rs 2.50-lakh to her account and has promised another Rs 50-lakh so that she keeps her mouth shut. “But I have decided to go public about this as he is in the habit of sexually exploiting women by promising marriage.”

Namrata says that she had met the MP in early 2016 when she was working for a multi-national information technology company in Bangalore. Subsequently, he had sex with her 19 times both in India and in the Netherlands, where she was pursuing a fellowship from mid-2016 till early 2017.

She showed a key to journalists, which she claims to be of the official residence of the young MP at 104 South Avenue in New Delhi, where too they have had physical interactions.

Namrata says that she decided to go public about the deceit after she found out that Banerjee was maintaining physical relationship with multiple women and refused to marry her despite having promised the same ever since they made out for the first time.

“I went to Balurghat police station recently to lodge a complaint against him, but they did not take my complaint saying that since this happened in Delhi and elsewhere, I should lodge the complaint in the Capital. But I cannot leave my widow and infirm mother alone to lodge the complaint as my brother lives in another city,” she said.

Namrata has tweeted her complaints to Union women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi, and the Prime Minister.

It may be mentioned that the expelled CPI-M MP was married to Urba Chaudhuri in 2007, but ran into a discord with her later.