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Kolkata: A woman civic volunteer has been murdered at her residence at Kaikhali in north-east Kolkata. Her husband too has been injured and yet police are suspecting him to be behind the murder.

Deceased Shampa Das was attached to New Town police station. She lived with her husband, a three-year-old daughter, and mother-in-law in a flat at Kaikhali. Her husband Supratim Das is an engineering graduate but has been jobless of late.

According to his mother Meera Das, she went out for shopping with her granddaughter around 8 pm on Friday night. On returning to the flat around 10 pm, she found daughter-in-law Shampa lying dead in a pool of blood on the landing to the stairs. Her son was tied to a chair in the bedroom with injuries all over her body and the wardrobe in the room was messed up.

Her cries for help made the neighbours call up the Airport police station. Cops came and sent Shampa’s dead body for post-mortem and hospitalised her husband Supratim. In the preliminary questioning, he has told police that a gang of miscreants raided their flat around 8.30 pm last night and attacked them with sharp weapons.

Police, however, aren’t taking the version on face-value for a couple of reasons and suspect that Supratim might have a direct or indirect role in the murder.

First, Shampa was found murdered in her civic volunteer attire, which means she had returned home not very long ago being murdered. Second, Supratim was tied up with a thin nylon rope and yet he didn’t try to free himself till the police came. Also, despite not being gagged, he didn’t cry out for help from the neighbours even after the so-called miscreants were gone. Lastly, no valuables had been looted from the wardrobe or the flat.

Police sources said that Supratim was suspecting his wife of having an extra-marital affair and this might have made him hire criminals to murder her or he himself killed her in such a fashion to make it appear a miscreant attack. Investigators are waiting for him to be discharged from the hospital to take forward the case.