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In Photo: The first set of passengers who availed Swagat Seva at Kolkata airport arrival arena on 3 September. Photo courtesy: AAI

Newsmen Bureau

Kolkata, 05 September: IT is often that you felt concerned how your aged parents or a first time flyer relative would find their way to the correct flight or to the taxi bay at the 1.80 lakh square feet sprawling Kolkata airport terminal.

And such concerns compelled you to set aside several pressing tasks just to guide them at the airport, albeit from the limits of the visitors’ corner.

If this holds true for you, then you can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the NSC Bose International Airport in Kolkata has now introduced Swagat Seva, an optional paid service, to guide and help flyers who need assistance.

According to the airport management, Swagat Seva, which it identifies as a meet, greet and assist service, can be availed for an all-inclusive fee of Rs 200.

A flyer availing the service will be assisted by a trained personnel through all airport formalities such as entry into the terminal, baggage scanning and escort up to the airline specific check-in counters, and immigration counters (in case of international flights).

A Swagat Seva counter before it was thrown open at Kolkata airport's arrival level.
A Swagat Seva counter before it was thrown open at Kolkata airport’s arrival level on Thursday.

Unaccompanied minors, infirm elders and physically challenged flyers will also get a portage service for their baggage without paying anything in addition. Besides these, the service personnel will assist passengers in securing car rental, taxi booking, hotel reservation and air ticket purchase from the counters located inside the airport terminal.

The airport management said in a statement that it has handed over the task of operating Swagat Seva to a private agency and the service has been made available from 3 September.

In all, five Swagat Seva counters have started functioning: one near the Volvo bus stop, two outside the domestic departure gates on the first floor and two inside the international arrival arena on the ground floor.