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Asansol: LEAKAGE of toxic gas at Central PSU, Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP), has once again taken a toll on the workers.

On 20 November last year, two contract workers had died after toxic gas leaked from DSP’s Coke Oven Unit. [READ: Toxic gas leak at Durgapur Steel Plant kills two, sends five to hospital]

In the latest case, four workers and an officer have been taken ill following the leakage of gas at DSP’s blast furnace unit-II today afternoon.

The workers Dilip Bauri, Nur Hussain, Sukhamay Chanda, and Ganesh Dey have been admitted to the SAIL Hospital in critical condition. The unidentified officer, who is stable, is being treated in the medical unit inside DSP.

Sources said that it is Bauri who first fell unconscious today afternoon. The rest three workers fell ill when they went to rescue Bauri. They were rushed to the SAIL Hospital at once. An officer, who went to the blast furnace unit to enquire about the incident, was also taken ill.

The repeated incidents of gas leakage at DSP at the cost of the workers have come as a pointer to the lack of proper upkeep and safety standards at the company owned by the Central government.