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Kolkata: One more suicide on Metro Railway track. A man aged around 49 years jumped in front of a speeding Metro train.

The incident happened around 12.09 in the afternoon on the Up line at Rabindra Sarovar station. The middle-aged man jumped in front of a Dum Dum bound train as soon as chugged into the station.

The driver applied the emergency brake at once but could not help the man from getting rolled under the wheels of the train. Metro staff at the station disconnected the power supply to the third rail and retrieved the man after a nearly 45-minute effort.

During the period, Metro services between Maidan and Tollygunge stations remained suspended. Train services on the full stretch from Noapara to New Garia resumed at 12.58 pm.

The man, whose identity could not be ascertained, was taken to MR Bangur Hospital where he was formally declared dead on arrival.

Suicide by jumping in front trains has been a cause for worry for Metro Railway for the last several years. Yet, the authorities have not been able to come out with a substantive remedy other than deploying security personnel on platforms.