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Kolkata: A young couple, posing as salespersons, has looted gold ornaments and cash from a flat at Sonarpur on the southern suburb of Kolkata.

The incident has taken place at Sonarpur’s Manikpur. An elderly widow, Manashi Dasgupta, lives in a flat there with daughter, son, and daughter-in-law.

On Friday afternoon, she was alone in the flat when a young couple, in their late 20’s, rang the calling bell. Before this, they had bolted from outside the door of the flat located opposite to the Dasgupta’s.

As soon as Dasgupta opened the door, the couple sprayed something intoxicating on her. Once she fell unconscious, the two then looted the gold ornaments and Rs 30,000 in cash from a wardrobe.

Nobody in the building had a clue to this until the occupants of the opposite flat discovered in the evening that their door is bolted. They called for help from passers-by from the balcony.

As a passers-by came to their rescue, it was found that door to the Dasgupta flat was ajar and the elderly woman was lying unconscious on the floor. On being alerted, her family members rushed in and Dasgupta was taken to a local hospital.

In view of the raid, several households, especially those living in flats at Narendrapur-Mahamaya Tala areas have said that a similar young couple had been knocking on their doors over the past one month or so. In some cases, they posed as salespersons, on other occasions as NGO workers.