Deepa Majumdar being taken away by police.
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Kolkata: Police have arrested a young educated girl on charges of masterminding a robbery at Narendrapur in the southern suburbs of Kolkata.

Police sources say that the 22-year-old girl had plotted the robbery in connivance with her boyfriend Lalan and they hired a gang who carried out the robbery.

The alleged mastermind, Deepa Majumdar, 22, hails from Khurigachi area in Narendrapur police station jurisdiction. She was arrested by the police on Sunday (25 August), while her boyfriend is absconding.

The robbery took place in the house of businessman Arup Dutta at Netajipalli locality of Narendrapur on 18 August. A gang of six robbers, three of them dressed as policemen, looted Rs 70,000 in cash and 13 bhori gold ornaments at gunpoint.

But when the gang was fleeing, the neighbours managed to nab one of the robbers named Rezaul Sheikh. They roughed him up and then handed over to Narendrapur police station.

On quizzing him, police netted three more robbers Maman Sheikh, Sabuj Sheikh and Dipu Sharma. The first three are residents of Jogeshganj in the Sunderbans on Bangladesh border.

As the investigators subjected them to rigorous grilling, the quartet divulged that Lalan and his girlfriend Deepa had hired them.

Subsequent to this, police arrested Deepa on Sunday but Lalan went into hiding.

Police sources say that Deepa is well known to businessman Arup Dutta’s family and she used to visit them quite often. She used to address Dutta’s mother, Maya Dutta, as “jethima” (wife of elder paternal uncle).

A few months ago, Deepa had borrowed some gold ornaments from Maya for a marriage ceremony. There her boyfriend was dazzled by the ornaments and they planned the robbery subsequently.

During being produced at Baruipur Sub-divisional Court, Deepa told reporters that she knows Lalan and also visited Dutta’s residence several times. “But I do not know anything about the robbery. I have been framed in this,” she maintained.