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By A Newsman

Kolkata, 21 September: A 22 year old youth received a bullet in his leg at Nabapally, Garia, in the southern fringe of Kolkata after being caught in an infighting of two Trinamool-backed factions involved in real-estate business.

The youth, Rajesh Mondal, is now hospitalised with a bullet injury in his right leg. Another middle aged man Sanatan Mondal has been injured in the head after the miscreants hit him with a pistol butt.

According to the residents of Nabapally Uttarpara, which is less than 2 km from Garia Railway station, they woke up in the wee hours on Monday to a violent factional fight between two Trinamool-backed groups involved in real-estate materials supply business.

Atul Maity alias Robi, Tapan Mondal, Sanjay Dutta and Raju Mondal had formed a syndicate of real-estate materials supply three years ago to cash in on the spurt in real-estate projects in and around Garia. They are all attached to the Trinamool Congress.

Among them Atul was arrested in connection with a murder at Patuli earlier this year and spent a few months in jail before getting out on bail. After coming out of jail, he wanted to re-join the syndicate but the other three objected. A dispute was on between them for the past two months.

On Sunday evening, Raju Mondal stopped the teenage daughter of Atul from entering their syndicate office. Angry over this, Atul accompanied by his associates attacked the house of Raju and Tapan around 2 am on Monday. They were armed with pistols, lathis and sharp weapons.

Hearing the sound of the clash, like many other local residents, Rajesh Mondal woke up from sleep and came out to find out what was going on. It was during that the group led by Atul fired a bullet at Rajesh that hit in the leg.

Middle-aged Sanatan Mondal was also hit with a pistol butt injuring him in the head as he ventured out to relive himself. The miscreants vandalised several houses in the area and all these happened in front of a police team from Sonarpur police station that had come to the area after being called up by the residents.

Later on Monday, police arrested Tula Maity, the wife of prime accused Atul, and Sanjay Dutta of the rival faction. A police picket has been posted in the area.